Your Job Shouldn't Cost You Your Health

Work with a workers' compensation attorney in Powhatan Point, OH

Many Powhatan Point, OH residents work in the oil and natural gas industries. These jobs are extremely demanding and require employees to work with special equipment and materials. This puts employees at risk of injury. If you need a workers' compensation attorney in Powhatan Point, OH, you should turn to the Tsoras Law Office.

Attorney Tsoras will work to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Find out more about work-related injury cases now by calling 740-795-4208.

Accidents happen in high-risk industries

As a workers' compensation and slip-and-fall attorney, Ted Tsoras has seen many different legal situations. He represents many clients in the coal mining and oil and gas industries. There are several common accidents that cause injuries in each industry. Our workers' compensation attorney can help if you've been injured in a situation involving:

Coal mining accidents
Cave-ins | Mine slope collapses | Natural gas explosions | Improper use of explosives | Exposure to toxic gas | Equipment malfunctions| Electrocutions | Cave flooding

Oil and gas accidents
Transportation accidents | Equipment failures | Object or equipment accidents | Slips and falls | Chemical exposure | Fires | Explosions | Electrocutions | Rig collapses

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